Take control of managing your vehicles in inventory


The primary product manufactured by this division is VMS Key Control, which provides a complete inventory and key control management system. VMS fully integrates with your DMS and ProcessPro, ensuring that every visitor test driving a vehicle is logged within your CRM software. Your sales staff can capture customer information and get a key simply by swiping a driver's license and typing in a stock number. Increase employee accountability while saving money and time looking for lost keys by using our RFID Key Fobs. Double the amount of showroom traffic captured and speed up your selling process by streamlining important customer information directly to the sales manager's desking system.
System Includes:
  • Key Control Unit (Holds up to 400 Keys)
  • RFID Key Fobs
  • CRM Driver's License Scanner Compatibility
  • Integration with ProcessPro and your DMS
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • PC, LDC Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Windows
  • Installation and Training Included
  • BioMetric Login
RFID Key Fobs


  • Prevents key loss and reduces insurance premiums
  • More efficient than manual systems
  • Double the amount of showroom traffic captured
  • Tracks and verifies the "Road to the Sale" for best practices implementation
  • Inventory tracking and lot location
  • Electronic invoice book
  • Verifies vehicle activity reports
  • DMS inventory integration

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